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John Gilmore and Dennis Gittens formed Modulation in November 2009 after playing together for several years in a church praise band. They dreamed of expanding their musical opportunities to include jazz and blues, so Modulation was born. They picked up Kris Hokanson and Frank Smith from the same praise band and Milt Cousins from their sons' Scout troop and were on their way. A few months later they added a good friend Carl Cate on trombone in April 2010. Carl brought numerous songs to the library.

Over a year later, after Carl's job took him out of state, the band realized the demand for an instrumental band was limited in its current configuration. They used the opportunity to add Steve Saboe on guitar. In January 2012 they took the big step of adding vocals to expand their song list even further when Steve's friend Kevin Wilson joined the group on vocals and guitar. 'Modulation 2.0' was up and running and the favorable response from fans was immediate. The group's repertoire expanded from jazz and blues to include fan favorites from numerous genres from the past 60 years... pop, some classic rock, a little funk... even a few country tunes.

Sensing the need to fill Carl's spot on trombone permanently, Rene Mondragon joined the group in August 2012. Tom Pike then came in to take over on drums for Kris. Next, when work obligations took co-founder Dennis away, Robbie Melinder joined the band in April 2013 to fill the spot on sax and is doing an outstanding job.

For several years Frank's wife Lyn Smith had sat in on a few tunes in gigs along the way. The guys agree one of the best moves for the band came when they decided to make her permanent part of the band. Her smooth alto vocals add yet another dimension to the band that has put the finishing touch on Modulation's unique sound.

The band's current configuration came in 2014 when substitute drummer Bobby Gonzales took over the permanent spot when Tom stepped aside due to travel schedules and family commitments. Mike Ambro joined the group shortly thereafter as the first official sound guy who does a fine job making us sound better than we deserve. He also fills in on bass from time to time when Frank's work schedule keeps him from an occasional gig.

    Modulation is available for parties, banquets, wedding receptions and other special occasions.
    For inquiries and booking contact John Gilmore 281.923.0894 or